How do baccarat pros make their betting decisions?


Players love the simplicity and excitement of baccarat, a popular casino card game. Experts have developed strategies that help them make the most intelligent wagers when playing baccarat.

Rules and odds

It is a card game played with eight decks of cards in which players bet on either the Player’s or the Banker’s hand. Whichever hand comes closest to 9 points wins. In addition to face cards and 10s, all other cards have a face value of 1. The odds slightly favour the Banker winning, with a house edge of 1.06% on Banker bets versus a Player bet house edge of 1.24%.  Professionals can make informed decisions based on these rules and odds. Banker has a slight mathematical advantage, so they choose to place their bankroll behind them more often.

Watch trends and streaks

Baccarat outcomes are independent events, meaning previous hands don’t affect the next. However, baccarat pros pay close attention to trends and streaks. They analyse how many Banker or Player hands have won consecutively, watching for “runs” of one side winning multiple hands in a row. If the Player side has won 5 hands consecutively, a pro might make a large bet on the Banker under the assumption that the law of averages suggests the Banker is due to win soon. Of course, this doesn’t impact the actual outcome, but pros use these observations to guide their betting strategies.

Know when to bet big or small

Experienced baccarat players vary their wagers based on the situation. They tend to start with smaller bets to minimise early losses. Their wagers will increase as they notice trends and see strong opportunities to profit. They will then scale back their bets if the tide turns. Pros also know the importance of betting BIG when the odds are overwhelmingly in their favour. For example, if the Player’s hand is showing a 6 and the Banker’s hand is showing a 5, the Player has very good odds to win. A pro will maximise wagers in spots like this when one click this side has a clear mathematical edge.

Keep emotions in check

Baccarat is a rapid game where huge sums are won or lost in seconds. Pros remain cool under pressure and don’t let emotions cloud their decision-making. After big losses, they take a break to reset mentally before continuing play. They also don’t let extreme winning streaks go to their head and influence them to make overly risky bets. Keeping emotions steady and detached is vital for making smart wagers in baccarat. While baccarat requires cold, hard math skills, the best pros also have a sixth sense for reading the momentum. Their gut will tell them to hold onto a hand if it says to. If their intuition tells them to switch it up and bet Player instead of Banker, they will do so as well. The mental game is just as important as statistical analysis for baccarat betting. Pros know when to follow their instinct and it often leads to major payouts.


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